Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So many comments - so many questions!

Well folks, we're up to 85 comments between the blog and Facebook! EEK and YAY at the same time! That's almost enough to send 6 kids to school for all of next year. That's 6 lives that will be radically changed - forever! Pretty amazing, huh?

So, lots of you have left questions in your comments, so I'll try to answer them for ya :) Feel free to keep them coming!!

Blogger jessica said...would you believe that I've never watched one of your slideshows before?

Nope! I don't believe it! With as much time as you spend on this blog, you should have watched them all by now - at least twice ;)

Blogger jessica said...is the soundtrack a live recording from the funeral?
Yes! My friend Adam recorded video of the whole trip, and this was the one piece of audio I knew I wanted. I knew the images of the funeral would just so much more powerful if you could hear them singing. You can thank Brian Storm for that brilliant idea...
Blogger jessica said...will the subjects of your FVI photographs get to see their photos?

My friend Ryan is going back to Zimbabwe 10 days from now. He'll be taking some photos back for some of the families. And those who have access to the internet have seen some - but that's not many...

Blogger jessica said...are you going to go back to zimbabwe?

I hope so!!!

Blogger jessica said...there are deep spiritual roots in africa... and with such suffering. did the people you talked to struggle with reconciling their pain with the goodness of God? especially the kids?

It's pretty amazing how such intense suffering actually causes people to turn TOWARDS God and to see His goodness instead of question it. It's really amazing.

Blogger jessica said...can you tell us how your photographs are being or will be used by FVI? and also the Hope organization in Haiti? i'd love to know =)

Both organizations use the photos for their websites, as well as print material. That reminds me - Hope For The Children of Haiti just updated their website with my pics - www.hfchaiti.org

Blogger jessica said...i think your other commenters think i'm weird so i better stop now.

That definitely may be true... ;)

Blogger Jamie Sanfilippo said... We are soon (1 month from now) moving to Southern Africa to work with MCC and The Meeting House. As I start thinking about our official blog, I'm wondering if you would be willing to donate the use of a few photos of Zimbabwe to put together into a header for it. I would be happy to give you a byline in the corner if you'd like.

Absolutely Jamie! Let's talk!

Blogger Julianne said... Krista these are beautiful photos... many good friends in them. If it's okay with you I'd love to post a link from my blog. Maybe I can get a few more dollars! :)
Of course!
Blogger Ryan - ForgottenVoices.org said...

On behalf of our partnerships in Zimbabwe, thanks for this unique way to make a difference. :) To all of you out there, thanks for commenting. Lots of love from our team to all of you. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, on our blog, we are sharing stories everyday at http://www.TravelwithFVI.blogspot.com.

-Ryan Keith, President


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