Thursday, May 17, 2007

That's why I do this!

Back in January, my friends Sarah, Tom & Brian hired me to shoot some portraits of them for their parents as a Christmas gift. We had a great time taking pictures around Winchester, and at their home in Woburn. I was really excited with how the photos turned out, and so were they (which is the whole idea, right?)

So, the other night I saw their Mom, Lisa. She's just as nice as can be! She wanted to thank me for the "beautiful photos" and just went on and on about how much she loves them! She even started crying a little bit when she was talking about her favorites. Now, it's not my goal in life to make people cry, but seriously - that's why I do what I do! I LOVE that she connected with the photos. That she could look at these photos and see her children - not just what their faces look like, but who they are and what their relationships are like. THAT is what this is all about! Capturing people - the essence of who they are and how they feel about one another.

I love my job!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jason Bonham & Ryan Wilkins in Concert - Tonight!

My friends Jason Bonham & Ryan Wilkins are playing a show tonight at my church. Jason is the worship leader at Genesis on Sunday nights, and Ryan leads at sevenoseven in Cleveland. They are both awesome! I'm totally looking forward to the show! I hope you can come too :)

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

i heart chicago

After way too many months, I was able to go back to Chicago last week! It wass just quick visit, but it felt like being home again.

I spent the first 2 days attending the Pictage Partner Conference - which was awesome! I listened to speakers like Mike Larson, Liana Lehman, Nathan & Amber Holritz, David Greene, and more. They were incredibly inspiring and encouraging. I feel so motivated right now! I'm hoping to take what I learned and apply it to my business and my life - starting immediately!

Then I spent a couple extra days in the city with some friends. I spent much of my time working on my website. I love my design (thanks to Elizabeth Vincenty of Snapdragon Chicago) - but I find that it's been unbelievably difficult to choose the photographs. So, I dedicated a good chunk of my time in Chicago towards editing photos for the site. I still have a lot of work to go, but hopefully, I'll have some more links up and working soon!

While I was in town, I had the chance to stop by Real Life Weddings for a visit and see Steve & Chrisy and the rest of the team. It seems like every time I visit the studio, something is different. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since I left for Boston!

I spent the rest of my trip catching up with good friends, eating good food, and just enjoying life in the city. I love the energy, the sound of people walking around outside, the gorgeous weather they're having, the view, the skyline, the rooftops, the familiarity of it all! I miss Chicago, and city life so much sometimes - what a blessing this was for me to spend a few days "back home."