Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Justin & Gretchen's Wedding!

Just before the holidays, I posted a little sneak peak of Justin & Gretchen's Wedding. Well, I've gone through the 5,000 + images we shot on the day of the wedding and have finally finished editing my favorites! There were so many images I loved, it was hard to narrow it down :)

We started the day at the Hyatt Harborside Hotel. This was the view from Gretchen's window...

The dress was breathtaking and had so much fabulous detail!

A little detail of the shoes

Gretchen was SO excited!!

I loved the look on her Mom and soon-to-be sister-in-law's faces when Gretchen was finished with hair and makeup

Getting into the dress, with a little help

Gretchen, you're so beautiful!!

Time to get married!

I love the look on Justin's face when he sees Gretchen for the first time! Many thanks to my fabulous second shooter, James from The Feds for getting this shot!

Some of their friends sang during the ceremony, and just about everyone was crying

another great shot by James


After the ceremony we headed outside for some portraits by the Harbor

again with the gorgeousness!

Gotta love the aviators!

After the portraits, we headed over the Chinatown for the reception! I caught this shot on my way into the restaurant...

The Tea Ceremony

It turns out my favorite image of the first dance was taken by James. He caught a guest's flash in the background and it totally made the shot! I totally love it!

Gretchen's Dad looks so happy!

Chinese weddings have this fun tradition where the bride & groom, the entire bridal party, and all the family go around to every table and toast each guest. It's so chaotic and wonderful!

They finished up the night with karaoke and dancing! That's my kind of party :)

Gretchen & Justin - thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day! It has been so wonderful getting to know you guys over the last year and a half. I cannot wait to photograph the first year of your new baby's life!!!!! (yep folks, these two are expecting a honeymoon baby ;) Congratulations once again!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jessica & Albert's Trash The Dress Session - Part 2

And now, for Part 2 of Jessica & Albert's Trash The Dress Session!! (scroll down or click here to see Part 1)

Once Albert got home from work, we headed outside to take advantage of the remaining sunlight while the rain let up. We had to go back to the graffiti wall...

I would love to know what he said to her here!

Now, you may remember from their eSession photos, that Albert can jump. Like, he can jump really high. So, we had to recreate the magic...

He even busted out some new moves!

Then we headed back down...

...and found a little patch of sunlight breaking through the clouds...

...which happened to be right next to this really cool alley.

This one is my favorite jumping shot of them all!!!

Then we went back to the house to capture Jessica & Albert in their natural environment... eh hem...

Nerf Guns are apparently the best wedding gift, ever :)

Unless, of course, you give them his & her Macs!

Jessica & Albert - I love you guys! It's been soooo fun hanging out with you, photographing you, and getting to know you both over the last year! I can't wait to put together an awesome and FUN wedding album for you in the coming weeks :)

Oh, and for the record, after getting it cleaned, Jessica donated her dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer - which I think is pretty freakin' awesome!!! If you want to learn more about the organization or want to find out how to donate your dress, click here!


oooooh! I just checked in on one of my new favorite photoblogs, and look what I found....

YAY! SO exciting!! :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jessica's Trash The Dress Session - part 1

Last Spring I posted a Trash The Dress session that I shot in Las Vegas while I was there for WPPI. In the same post, I offered a FREE TTD session to the first 2 brides to respond. As I expected, Jessica was the first to take me up on my offer! (no one else took me up on it, so I suppose there's still one more spot available...) I think it's high time I shared the photos from our afternoon together. We had such a fun shoot and there are so many hilarious and wonderful images that it's gonna get 2 posts!!

First up, are the images of we captured of Jessica before her honey, Albert got home...

This is the garage behind their apartment building. The perfect spot for portraits, especially on a rainy day...

The roof of the garage has this awesome deck...

I think this one's my FAVORITE!!

The weather wasn't really cooperating with us, so we had to get a little creative... We decided to photograph Jessica preparing dinner for Albert - wifely duties and all ;) But first, we had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few necessitites....

I mean, how awesome is this?! A bride walking around a grocery store in her wedding dress?! It was so fun!

we were getting all sorts of crazy looks from people...

Eventually the manager kicked me out for taking photos. Um, I'm fairly certain that I have a right to take pictures in a grocery store, but whatever! We had the items we needed, so we headed back to the house to cook...

Isn't this how all wives cook dinner?

mmmmm, yummy cheese puffs!

And while we waited for Albert to come home, life went on as usual...

Haha! Jessica you're so fun!!!!

Stay tuned for part 2... :)