Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jessica & Albert's Wedding!

I love Jessica & Albert! Not only are they such a fun couple who love God with all their hearts, but Jessica is my all-time favorite blog-stalker! I mean, at least, she's the one who leaves the most comments... If there are more of you stalkers out there - drop a comment and let me know you're there!! ;) Seriously though, these two are awesome! We had a ton of fun at their engagement session, so I was really looking forward to their wedding day.

Jessica & Albert both got ready at
Le Meridien Cambridge. Jessica was bright-eyed and ready for me as soon I got there :)

love the shoes

Can we talk about how cool the bed spreads are at Le Meridien??? It was originally The Hotel @ MIT - so everything's all math-tastic :)

Making sure everything is in order

Albert & his parents, getting ready next door (shot by my assistant, Marie)

and killing time in the hallway with some of his groomsmen

Jessica's sister and Maid of Honor, Joyce, helping with the jewelry

And looking on while Jessica reads a card from Albert

I loved this moment after Jessica put her dress on. She'd forgotten to put lotion on first, and so her Mom and Joyce did it for her. It was priceless.

And this is what's great about having an assistant around. I usually bring assistants who are photo students, hoping to learn about wedding photography. I let them shoot when they have time, and then go over the images with them later. Well, Marie, captured this awesome shot of the same moment from across the room. I love it!

I love how these 3 shots go together! Jessica is looking down at her dress, while her Mom & Joyce are looking at her. Their expressions are so great!

Another thing I love about Jessica & Albert is that they did a First Look on their wedding day. A First Look is when the Bride & Groom see each other for the first time
before the ceremony. I usually set it up so that they can have an intimate moment "alone" to see one another, and to talk and enjoy that moment together without everyone else around. It's so great because you get reactions that you just can't get during the ceremony because they can't really talk to one another during the ceremony. Plus, it gives us a chance to get portraits out of the way beforehand instead of afterwards when you'd rather be enjoying your reception! Anyway, here are the images... Oh, the expressions on Albert's face! excitement, joy, tears, laughter - priceless!

We didn't do a ton of portraits of the two of them that day. They really wanted their wedding to focus on the people in their lives, and we're planning a Trash The Dress session for later this summer anyway where we can just focus on them. Here are some of my favorites from our time together, though...

After the First Look, we were off to
Harvard Memorial Church for the family portraits and the ceremony. Here's Jessica praying before the wedding.

the big entrance

Albert's parents during a moment of prayer

I have to admit, that this next shot was an accident. I was holding my flash next to me, forgetting that I still had it attached to the camera and when I took the picture it went off right next to the lens - and this is the result! Sometimes, accidents are fun!

At the end of the ceremony, Jessica's Dad got up to give some announcements, but ended up giving a beautiful speech as well! He had everyone in tears (including me)

but coming down the aisle, they were all smiles!

After the ceremony, we got ALL of the guests together on the stairs outside the church for a big group shot!

I had everyone cheer for Jessica & Albert - and here's the result. My favorite is Jessica's Dad, in the front. Love it!

Then it was off to the reception at the
Hyatt Regency Cambridge

I love it when couples use the engagement photos at the wedding!

Jessica getting caught in the wind outside

And playing with the kids. Any surprise she's a Sunday School Teacher?? I don't know, it looks like she's kinda uncomfortable with the little ones. I don't think they like her much either... ;)

Most hilarious cake-cutting EVER! Albert gave her a humungous bite of cake - poor Jessica looked like she was going to choke! But, she stuffed his face too :)

Now, the reception was really like none I've ever seen. The majority of the reception was given over to Jessica & Albert's friends and family. There were skits, songs, videos, and hilarious performances honoring (and roasting) the couple. It was so cool to see what their friends think of them, and how they feel about them, and to laugh along with them! They are SO loved!

And can I just say, that I can't think of them now without singing "Chi-Pang, Chi-Pang" to myself in my head (to the tune of She Bangs)... maybe you had to be there...

Mixed in with the skits were some toasts by the wedding party. Once again, Jessica's Dad had us all crying...

And then there was their one kiss of the day - at least that we all got to see ;) They do NOT like PDA (public displays of affection) and it took a room full of their friends banging their glasses and cheering to get them to kiss in public, but it worked! I am a bit proud of myself for capturing this. If I'd been a split second later, I would have missed it!

It was a really great day, and such a wonderful celebration of this beautiful couple!

Jessica & Albert - thank you again for having me! It's been so great getting to know you and spending time with you over the last few months! I can't wait for our TTD!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gretchen & Justin's eSession

I'm back! Back from a great vacation, and back to work! I'll post vacation photos eventually, but my wonderful clients are coming first - starting with Gretchen & Justin!

I met Gretchen & Justin at their place in Medford a few weeks ago. We hopped in the car and headed to a local pond to spend some time getting to know each other and taking some photos. Just like many of my clients, Gretchen & Justin felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, and worried about being "unphotogenic." Well, looking at these photos - you can't tell at all! What did I tell you guys, huh? It's your job to be YOU, and it's my job to make beautiful photographs of YOU! I think it worked pretty well - what do the rest of you think???

See! You're beautiful!!!

and adorable :)

and romantic

and hilarious!

Gretchen & Justin - it was great hanging out with you guys! I'm really looking forward to your wedding in October :) By then, I bet you'll feel completely relaxed and confident in front of my camera from the start - that's what these eSessions are for, after all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Officially On Vacation!

That's right! As of this minute, I am officially ON VACATION!! I'll be traveling to Wisconsin & Indiana until Tuesday, July 22nd. I will have some access to emails, voicemails, & photoshop - but I'm going to try to avoid them unless something urgent comes up. If you don't hear back from me right away - you can picture me here -

I'll get back to you when I return! Have a great week!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tamara & Jason eSession

Ok, first of all, let me warn you that this is gonna be a LONG post! I had SUCH a great engagement session with Tamara & Jason and I just couldn't narrow down my favorites anymore!!! Some shoots are just like that :)

I drove out to Western Mass for Tamara & Jason's eSession because they really wanted their dogs to be part of their photos, since they won't be able to make the trip to Buzzard's Bay in September for the wedding. Like lots of couples without kids, these dogs are their babies. So, we took the babies over to their favorite park for some photos.

Here's a family portrait :)

And since their dogs are just so cute and I couldn't pick just one or two - I thought I'd give you a little montage of all my favs. That streak of black in the top right corner is a dog ;) He was so excited to hit the woods that he ran straight into a creek and ruined his fresh bath. Oh well, he was still cute! But, I must admit that it's the little brown one that was my favorite! Cajun was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina and Tamara just had to rescue him. He's such a little sweetie!

Now, on to the couple shots! This is my FAVORITE from the day, I think! And it was one of the first ones we shot. I couldn't even put my logo on it - it would just ruin the gorgeousness :)

And a few more in the woods... We stirred up some serious mosquitoes, but it was totally worth it!

Eventually, we decided that the bugs were a bit too much for us, so we spent most of our time in the field next to the woods. The sunlight was perfectly yummy - I couldn't get enough of it!

Are they cute, or what?

I love how dramatic this one looks!

Did I mention the sunlight???

What I loved best about this shoot was how great Tamara & Jason were in front of the camera! They were a little self-conscious before we started, telling me that they didn't know what to do and needed direction, etc. I just told them to be themselves and to enjoy one another's company and never mind me. Well, they were naturals! They seemed so at ease and even though we had a great time chatting the whole evening - they were still able to seem as if they were completely alone. It was really great and made my job so easy!

We did get a few where they were aware of the camera though :)

After a fun time at the park, we gathered up the pups and headed back to their house. They have a great backyard with this awesome hammock. I couldn't resist...

Tamara & Jason - thank you guys for such a wonderful shoot, and such a fun time, not to mention a delicious dinner! It was great getting to know you both a bit better, and I absolutely can't wait for the wedding!!!