Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gretchen & Justin's eSession

I'm back! Back from a great vacation, and back to work! I'll post vacation photos eventually, but my wonderful clients are coming first - starting with Gretchen & Justin!

I met Gretchen & Justin at their place in Medford a few weeks ago. We hopped in the car and headed to a local pond to spend some time getting to know each other and taking some photos. Just like many of my clients, Gretchen & Justin felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, and worried about being "unphotogenic." Well, looking at these photos - you can't tell at all! What did I tell you guys, huh? It's your job to be YOU, and it's my job to make beautiful photographs of YOU! I think it worked pretty well - what do the rest of you think???

See! You're beautiful!!!

and adorable :)

and romantic

and hilarious!

Gretchen & Justin - it was great hanging out with you guys! I'm really looking forward to your wedding in October :) By then, I bet you'll feel completely relaxed and confident in front of my camera from the start - that's what these eSessions are for, after all!


  1. You look relaxed and comfortable to me. How could you not with Krista behind the camera. She's great.

  2. hahah look what I found!