Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off to New York City!

Well, I'm off on another little adventure! Or, a business trip, depending on your perspective :) I'm heading down to New York City tonight for the PDN PhotoPlus Expo for the next few days. I'll be wandering around a giant trade show, listening to amazing speakers, hanging out with old friends, connecting with new friends, meeting with a potential client, and possibly doing a family portrait session. All this, and then down to Newport, RI for a wedding on Sunday! Shwew! It should be a great trip!

I have a TON of stuff to edit and blog about when I get home. A wedding, a bat-mitzvah, another wedding, another bat-mitzvah, an awesome family portrait session, another wedding, and then some! I won't able to do much editing while I'm away, but I should be able to respond to emails at least once a day. If you need to get in touch with me, please call! And if you're a photographer who wants to meet up at PhotoPlus, let me know!!

peace out ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A New Pin In The Map - VERMONT!

This past weekend, I actually had a free Saturday, and so my friend Danielle & I decided to go on a little adventure! I love Fall, it's always been my favorite season (though Summer is a very close second). So, since I'm in New England, home of the most beautiful Fall around, we thought we'd head up to Vermont to take in the gorgeousness!

We decided to drive up to Woodstock and just wander around and see where the wind would take us. After a lovely drive, and a yummy lunch, we walked around the cute little town.

One of the first things we saw was this... a little more disturbing than cute, but definitely interesting! And yes their shirts say "poop" - that apparently stands for Protest Outrageous Oil Profits, but it just looks like poop...

Covered bridges remind me of Indiana :)

After we looked in all the shops and got some tea & cider, we headed back up the road to a great little farm stand we saw along the way. It's called Fool on a Hill and it was very fun! I mean, check out these bears - what's not to love?

This is my beautiful friend Danielle, I couldn't resist shooting her in the gorgeous sunlight

Fool on the Hill also had some random stuffed cows all over the hill. We just had to play...

I'm not sure why Danielle is kissing this cow's eyeball, but whatever ;)

After playing with the bears and the cows, we kept on down the road to Quechee Gorge. It was beautiful! I kinda wish we'd gone there earlier and walked down the trails a bit, but oh well. You can only fit so much in a day!

The light just kept getting better and better


Random wall o' graffiti under the bridge by the gorge

Ugh, I really hate photos of myself. It took everything in me to let you see this, but I'm trying to lighten up, so here you go :) (though, I must admit that Photoshop made the decision a little easier ;)

This is a picture of Danielle taking a picture of me taking a picture of her through a hollow log

I mean, that just looks fake! but, it's not, I promise :)

I forgot how much I love road trips!!

The biggest disappointment of the day was discovering that we had MISSED the peak of the Fall colors in Vermont by a week or two. As we drove up we kept asking, 'why are all the trees dead?' But we pressed on anyway and I'm glad we did. But, it would have been a little more fun (or at least a little more pretty) if the trees were a little less bare...

This sign pretty much sums that up...

I snapped this on the way home, somewhere in New Hampshire. THIS is what we were looking for. Oh well! It was still an awesome trip!

Thanks for a fun adventure Danielle! You're an awesome adventure-buddy!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mark & Serena's Wedding

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to second shoot with another local photographer, and now dear friend, Erica Pelaccia. She and I are connected through a whole random slew of people and it was about time we finally met and got to hang out! I had such a great time shooting with her and getting to know her over the course of the day.

And as for Mark and Serena, they are just wonderful! You could just see in their faces, and in everyone's faces, that these two are so in love with each other and so dearly loved by all who were there. Here are a few of my favorites...

Mark getting ready

Serena getting ready

During the portraits, since I was second shooting, I was able to hang back and shoot with my 80-200mm lens and just catch some of the details and moments that were going on. I love second shooting!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Serena and her uncle right before they walked down the aisle

The ceremony took place at Highrock, their church in Arlington.

I even shot a little panoramic film with my Widelux during the day, just for fun...

The part where they greeted their parents was one of the most emotional and beautiful parts of the day.

A few details from our portrait session with the two of them at their reception site - the Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont.

And there's Erica, working it in the bushes :)

A couple more shots of black & white film

The reception was really fun! I love this shot of Mark as they made their big entrance. I think it says it all.

And a sweet moment during their first dance.

Thank you, Erica for inviting me to come along for the day - it was so wonderful shooting with you and hanging out with you!

And thanks to Mark & Serena for letting me be part of your wedding! It was really great meeting you and being with you and your families on this joyful day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Noah's Bar Mitzvah

A few weeks ago, I photographed Noah's Bar Mitzvah in Brookline. This fabulous event was planned by the talented Nathalya Mamane, and took place at Veronique Boston. Noah and his family had recently returned from a trip to China and the whole party had a Chinese theme. It was beautifully done, and the party was so much fun! Here's a look...

Some of the gorgeous details... Flowers courtesy of Carol Silverston of The Original Touch, Cake by John at Party Favors.

Noah reading Torah

Noah's grandparents. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a cute little old man!

Noah's aunt holding his very shy, but very cute little sister

I'm always so entertained by the games at Bar Mitzvahs! The light coming into the ballroom was just about perfect, and mix that with a bunch of girls hoola-hooping, and I was having a blast!

I wasn't the only one fascinated by the hoola-hoops...

The Hora is one of my FAVORITE Jewish traditions! It makes me want to have a Jewish wedding someday. Though I doubt my Irish-Catholic family would quite know what to do... ;) Noah was loving it!

His Mom was a little scared at first

Dad was getting into it though

As was Noah's little brother

Even his little sister had fun with it!

More games... Coke & Pepsi, anyone?

Fun on the dance floor

One of the things I love about Bar Mitzvahs is when the adults get in on the fun and let themselves be kids for a little bit

Noah's birthday cake was AMAZING! One of the coolest cakes I've ever seen, for sure! (check out the detail collage at the top to see some more of the front of the cake)

this is what a 13-year-old looks like when he's making a wish

All in all, I think Noah and his friends had an awesome time!

Congratulations Noah! Thanks so much for having me as part of your day!