Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tamara & Jason eSession

Ok, first of all, let me warn you that this is gonna be a LONG post! I had SUCH a great engagement session with Tamara & Jason and I just couldn't narrow down my favorites anymore!!! Some shoots are just like that :)

I drove out to Western Mass for Tamara & Jason's eSession because they really wanted their dogs to be part of their photos, since they won't be able to make the trip to Buzzard's Bay in September for the wedding. Like lots of couples without kids, these dogs are their babies. So, we took the babies over to their favorite park for some photos.

Here's a family portrait :)

And since their dogs are just so cute and I couldn't pick just one or two - I thought I'd give you a little montage of all my favs. That streak of black in the top right corner is a dog ;) He was so excited to hit the woods that he ran straight into a creek and ruined his fresh bath. Oh well, he was still cute! But, I must admit that it's the little brown one that was my favorite! Cajun was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina and Tamara just had to rescue him. He's such a little sweetie!

Now, on to the couple shots! This is my FAVORITE from the day, I think! And it was one of the first ones we shot. I couldn't even put my logo on it - it would just ruin the gorgeousness :)

And a few more in the woods... We stirred up some serious mosquitoes, but it was totally worth it!

Eventually, we decided that the bugs were a bit too much for us, so we spent most of our time in the field next to the woods. The sunlight was perfectly yummy - I couldn't get enough of it!

Are they cute, or what?

I love how dramatic this one looks!

Did I mention the sunlight???

What I loved best about this shoot was how great Tamara & Jason were in front of the camera! They were a little self-conscious before we started, telling me that they didn't know what to do and needed direction, etc. I just told them to be themselves and to enjoy one another's company and never mind me. Well, they were naturals! They seemed so at ease and even though we had a great time chatting the whole evening - they were still able to seem as if they were completely alone. It was really great and made my job so easy!

We did get a few where they were aware of the camera though :)

After a fun time at the park, we gathered up the pups and headed back to their house. They have a great backyard with this awesome hammock. I couldn't resist...

Tamara & Jason - thank you guys for such a wonderful shoot, and such a fun time, not to mention a delicious dinner! It was great getting to know you both a bit better, and I absolutely can't wait for the wedding!!!


  1. Hi Krista! Love the yummmy golden light and the last image rocks! Take care. ~Tracy

  2. I think your favourite was my favourite too. What an awesome image, but then, they all are. Lucky couple to have found you, and I can't wait to see their wedding images.

  3. I like the one of her on his shoulders but cropped...I'm reading a metaphore for a balanced do we carry each other through life...I don't it okay if I get all metaphorical & philosophical through your photo? Anyway...that's my favorite at this moment.

  4. there are all gorgeous, but I particularly love #4. such gorgeous light. love how you had lots of pictures of the 'kids' too :)

  5. what a fun shoot! and beautiful images!

  6. What a cute couple. You did a fantastic job! Beautiful lighting effects BTW.

  7. What a cute, relaxed couple! Love these!

  8. the last one is amazing. I wish I am there with my husband...I really need it. :)