Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Drenched

This post has been a LONG time coming! With all of the traveling, eSessions, and now weddings - I've been a bit behind on my personal work. But I just had to get this one done this week! I couldn't wait any longer :)

On Easter Sunday of this year, my church held a baptism service both in the morning at Hope Christian Church, and in the evening at Genesis. Before getting baptized, each person got up and shared their story and explained why they decided to make this commitment. It was very powerful to hear their testimonies and both services were just amazing!

In the morning, we had 3 boys from the youth group get baptized. Our Youth Pastor, David went into the water with them and prayed over each boy. It was really cool to see how confident and excited these guys were that morning!

It was especially cool to witness Sarah's baptism. Her father had the honor of stepping in to the water with her. It was definitely a special moment for both of them.

Later that night, some of my friends at Genesis also took the plunge. The testimonies were very real, very emotional, and very powerful that night. My brother-in-law, Michael is our Pastor and he was so excited to pray for and baptize each of them. It was such a blessing to witness!

This is one of the girls in my LIFEgroup, Elyse. She's just amazing, and I was so proud of and happy for her that I could totally not keep from crying. Even now, I'm tearing up!

And this is my girl, Meaghan, yo! ;) She's also in my LIFEgroup and is getting ready to go on staff with Campus Crusade. I am still praising God for the impact this night had in her life and in the life of those around her!! (If you're interested in supporting Meaghan in her ministry, let me know, or click here)

What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Check out the slideshow for more...


  1. Thanks for sharing. My heart is always touch to see new believers (or old) following Christ's example. I pray for each one.

  2. Wonderful work! You've captured the emotion of the day so well.