Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back From Haiti!

Well, I'm officially back from Haiti and back to work! It was a great trip and I'm really excited to go through the 4,200 photos I shot! But, first things first - I've got engagement sessions waiting for me. So, I guess you'll all have to wait a little while too...

To tide you over, here's a shot of Bolosse - the area of Port-au-Prince where I spent most of my time.

More to come!!!


  1. welcome home... when i see your missions pictures, i get a very strong sense of "us & them", of separation. a plane ride so easily brings you worlds away from the comforts and assumptions of home. there's always a sense of problem that accompanies that feeling of separation... because all people are ultimately the same, with the same fundamental needs... so who am i to define the "us" and the "them".

  2. Yeah, Jessica, it's a bit overwhelming. That sense of separation, and yet similarity. What makes me "lucky" enough to have been born in the US instead of Haiti? Why do I deserve that kind of abundance when these kids have so little? It helps to know that God is sovereign and He doesn't do anything without purpose. But, it's hard to see purpose in the suffering of so many people... And yet, there's joy there too! And love. They aren't as poor as we think they are, at least in that respect.

  3. Krista this is wonderful. I can't wait to see what you are going to share on the blog. Did you hear excitement when the haitians saw you, "Le Blanc, Le Blanc!" I am going to share your photos with my eight year old. Thanks so much.

  4. Krista, welcome back home! I cannot wait until you post more...what a different world!
    I'm really looking forward to our next PUG meeting (I hope you'll be there), I wanna hear the stories too! xoxos

  5. GREAT photos! We are in the process of adopting from Haiti and know these scenes all too well. Thanks for sharing your work!