Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Evan & Kelly's Engagement Session

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to hang out with Evan & Kelly and take some engagement portraits. Evan & Kelly live in Cambridge and spend a lot of time around Harvard, just like Jessica & Albert. It was a fun challenge to do their eSession just a week later, and in basically the same location. It pushed me to think creatively and come up with images that were different. It is made easier when you're dealing with different people though - as every couple has a unique way of interacting with one another and therefore ends up with different images.

We started at their lovely apartment and walked towards Harvard Memorial Church, where they'll be getting married this weekend!

They have a cute little park right by their house. There's a bunch of construction, and some frisbee playing going on in the background, but we made it work :)

As we continued on our way, we passed by Cambridge Rindge & Latin School - which has these awesome red doors. I couldn't walk by without taking some photos! What a great spot for portraits!!

And then there was a playground with this amazing wrought iron fence. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of wrought iron fences...

And then on to Harvard Yard where we shot on the steps of Widener Library.

And then we walked over to the Charles River where we got some of my favorite shots of the day. The light was just perfect!

By that point, Kelly was sufficiently worn out

So we headed back to their apartment

When we got back home, they showed me some beautiful old family photographs. Kelly's great-grandmother was actually a photographer back in the day. It's so cool that Kelly has these wonderful old photographs that have become priceless family heirlooms. It got us talking a bit about the timeless quality of black & white prints. And I'm so excited because they decided to have me shoot some black & white film at their wedding this weekend!! I got my start in film, and I still love it! Don't get me wrong, digital has come a long way and you can't beat its flexibility. But there is just nothing quite like a black & white fiber-base print made in the darkroom. hmmmm...

Anyway, this is my take on one of those old photos.

Evan & Kelly, it was so great hanging out with you guys! I can't wait for the wedding this weekend!!