Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jessica's Trash The Dress Session - part 1

Last Spring I posted a Trash The Dress session that I shot in Las Vegas while I was there for WPPI. In the same post, I offered a FREE TTD session to the first 2 brides to respond. As I expected, Jessica was the first to take me up on my offer! (no one else took me up on it, so I suppose there's still one more spot available...) I think it's high time I shared the photos from our afternoon together. We had such a fun shoot and there are so many hilarious and wonderful images that it's gonna get 2 posts!!

First up, are the images of we captured of Jessica before her honey, Albert got home...

This is the garage behind their apartment building. The perfect spot for portraits, especially on a rainy day...

The roof of the garage has this awesome deck...

I think this one's my FAVORITE!!

The weather wasn't really cooperating with us, so we had to get a little creative... We decided to photograph Jessica preparing dinner for Albert - wifely duties and all ;) But first, we had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few necessitites....

I mean, how awesome is this?! A bride walking around a grocery store in her wedding dress?! It was so fun!

we were getting all sorts of crazy looks from people...

Eventually the manager kicked me out for taking photos. Um, I'm fairly certain that I have a right to take pictures in a grocery store, but whatever! We had the items we needed, so we headed back to the house to cook...

Isn't this how all wives cook dinner?

mmmmm, yummy cheese puffs!

And while we waited for Albert to come home, life went on as usual...

Haha! Jessica you're so fun!!!!

Stay tuned for part 2... :)


  1. hey if that other TDD is still available we're up for it! we'd just have to schedule soon or little chiuy's going to get in the way of me fitting in the dress again ;)

  2. lol, i mean TTD...apparently I can't type

  3. Yay! That'd be so fun! A snowy TTD session?! Maybe when it gets back up above 30 degrees? Yay!!

  4. Gretchen will love it, can't believe no one else took you up on the priceless offer!! if you hadn't offered so graciously, i was thinking about taking :e: up on his standing offer to do TTDs before dress donations =P i'm so glad we did this krista, you are amazing, as usual-- and now i have beautiful AND fun (and you know i like fun pictures) memories of my dress, which was donated to brides against breast cancer a week after our shoot!

    i think you should get some recognition from Apple for such shameless product placement... even all the way back to our unsuccessful trek to the apple store... haha =P

  5. above 30 degrees would be wonderful :) i guess maybe i'll finally get to use the wrap i bought and never wore on my wedding day!