Friday, January 16, 2009

Jessica & Albert's Trash The Dress Session - Part 2

And now, for Part 2 of Jessica & Albert's Trash The Dress Session!! (scroll down or click here to see Part 1)

Once Albert got home from work, we headed outside to take advantage of the remaining sunlight while the rain let up. We had to go back to the graffiti wall...

I would love to know what he said to her here!

Now, you may remember from their eSession photos, that Albert can jump. Like, he can jump really high. So, we had to recreate the magic...

He even busted out some new moves!

Then we headed back down...

...and found a little patch of sunlight breaking through the clouds...

...which happened to be right next to this really cool alley.

This one is my favorite jumping shot of them all!!!

Then we went back to the house to capture Jessica & Albert in their natural environment... eh hem...

Nerf Guns are apparently the best wedding gift, ever :)

Unless, of course, you give them his & her Macs!

Jessica & Albert - I love you guys! It's been soooo fun hanging out with you, photographing you, and getting to know you both over the last year! I can't wait to put together an awesome and FUN wedding album for you in the coming weeks :)

Oh, and for the record, after getting it cleaned, Jessica donated her dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer - which I think is pretty freakin' awesome!!! If you want to learn more about the organization or want to find out how to donate your dress, click here!


  1. I Love the one of her coming down the stairs...You certainly have a good eye my friend :) And I totally wasn't ready for the first picture of Jessica holding a nerf gun, hah, that's awesome

  2. HAHAH i just noticed that there is a nerf dart stuck to my sleeve... LOL

  3. Wow, Krista, you've been blogging up a storm! I love everything--especially the puddle shot above--just delicious!