Thursday, May 17, 2007

That's why I do this!

Back in January, my friends Sarah, Tom & Brian hired me to shoot some portraits of them for their parents as a Christmas gift. We had a great time taking pictures around Winchester, and at their home in Woburn. I was really excited with how the photos turned out, and so were they (which is the whole idea, right?)

So, the other night I saw their Mom, Lisa. She's just as nice as can be! She wanted to thank me for the "beautiful photos" and just went on and on about how much she loves them! She even started crying a little bit when she was talking about her favorites. Now, it's not my goal in life to make people cry, but seriously - that's why I do what I do! I LOVE that she connected with the photos. That she could look at these photos and see her children - not just what their faces look like, but who they are and what their relationships are like. THAT is what this is all about! Capturing people - the essence of who they are and how they feel about one another.

I love my job!