Monday, December 8, 2008

Rhetta, Bill & Hannah - a blast from the past!

When I first moved out to Boston a couple of years ago, I worked for the wonderful and talented Matt & Enna Grazier. I remember clearly my first day, sitting down at the computer and browsing their website. I clicked on Portraits and stumbled across some beautiful photos of a beautiful pregnant women. But, not just any pregnant woman, this was Rhetta! Rhetta was one of my brides back in 2004 when I was an Associate for Real Life Weddings in Chicago. What a small world, huh?!

Two years later, come to find out, Rhetta is pregnant again, and looking to have some more photos taken, by me! I was totally thrilled to see her and Bill again, and to meet their darling daughter Hannah! We met up at the Arnold Arboretum and took a stroll among the changing leaves...


What kid doesn't love this?!

There are those leaves I was talking about...

I just love the look on Hannah's face! And apparently rubbing her earlobe is Hannah's thing. I love it when I can catch a kid being completely themselves - doing that thing that makes them, them.

Rhetta & Bill are so cute - just as in love as the last time I saw them!

The happy family :)

A few photos of Rhetta and her belly... Isn't she gorgeous!

I love this one of Rhetta & Bill because as I was taking their picture Hannah said or did something cute and they both turned to look. I love their smiles as they watch their little girl.

Are you kidding me with that adorable grin?!

Hannah wanted me to smell the pretty flower :)

And Daddy too, of course!

There she goes with that ear again :)

A few fun shots of Hannah and her Dad

And Hannah with her Mom

She really is too cute!

And now, just for fun, a few photos from Bill & Rhetta's wedding! It's still one of my favorites from the Real Life Weddings days. And yes, this wedding was shot almost entirely in black & white film!!

Photos © 2004 Krista Guenin/Real Life Weddings

Rhetta & Bill, it was SO great to see you again! Hannah is a doll and I can't wait to meet little Sophie Grace!!

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  1. Wow these are beautiful Krista! It is so much fun to see Rhetta and her family too! Okay, when is my family's portrait session? Ollie twists his hair and Will glares.... should be fun ;)