Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joe & Amanada's Anniversary Portraits

Joe called me a couple of months ago with the idea to surprise his lovely wife, Amanda, with a photo shoot for their 5th anniversary. I thought that was flippin' brilliant! You know what that tells me about Joe? It tells me he thinks his wife is just as beautiful as the day they got married, if not more. It tells me he really wants to make her feel special. And it tells me that he cherishes her as his wife as much as the mother of his children. I mean, how often do people get married, have kids, and never have another photo taken of just the two of them? Kids come along and suddenly, a lot of people forget that they're still a couple. You know? So, anyway, I thought this was a great idea and I was really excited to help him surprise Amanda with a photo shoot downtown!

We met up at Christopher Columbus Park...

I love this one! It's so sweet :)

We walked by the harbor...

Then we took a little stroll in the North End. They have the best alleys in the North End!!

random ivy

The cobblestones of North Square

Totally cute!

And finally we finished off the shoot over at Faneuil Hall. I'm thinking one of these days, I'll have to do a photo shoot where we just walk to the whole Freedom Trail. I mean, we hit a lot of it this day, but that'd be kinda cool... Any takers?

Joe & Amanda, it was so great to meet you both! I'm glad I could help you with the surprise - and Amanda, I hope you had a great time and felt really special! Congratulations on five wonderful years together!!!

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