Monday, August 25, 2008

Hope For the Children of Haiti - the girls

If you've been following my blog, you know that I went to Haiti in May/June to document the work of Hope For The Children Of Haiti. I've held off on blogging about it because I wanted to focus on getting the first few weddings up first. That, and I've got like a zillion pictures I'd like to share, so I had to take the time to narrow it down a bit.

I'm finally ready and I thought I'd start with the girls at HFC. There are about 30 of them, ranging from 8 -17 years old. It took a while for them to warm up to me, and to stop running away from my camera, but it was really fun getting to know them. And it was a great reminder that teenagers are teenagers, no matter what country you're in :)

Here are a few of my favorites of the girls!

waiting to be introduced to the visiting photographer ...

hanging in their room - giggling and having fun

Aw, Debbie, she's such a sweetheart. And would you get a load of those eyes!! Gorgeous!

Wislandy, the baby of the crew. Such a cutie!

Listening intently to a sex-ed talk. Their eyes aren't glassed over or anything ;)

Chrystel... Little Miss Attitude and the woman in charge (if you ask her). But, I found her in this nice moment doing chores where she was all alone, and let her guard down a bit, and I almost got a smile.

Fabiola hanging out the back of the Tap Tap (it's basically a pick-up truck with a metal cage on top to keep the passengers safe, or dry)

And, last but not least, Nerline. This girl ran and hid from my camera the ENTIRE time I was in Haiti! On the last day, I had had enough, and I stalked her relentlessly until I got a couple photos of her before she saw me. Somehow, this made her love me dearly. Go figure :) So, here we are, right before I left to go home. She couldn't stop hugging me and even cried when I left. That's what I love about teenagers... they're totally unpredictable.

I wish I could share more with you all, and tell you stories about each and every one of the girls - but there just isn't enough time in the day! :)

If you're interested in supporting Hope For The Children of Haiti, and helping these girls get the care and education they need to make a difference for their country, please click here.


  1. As much as I am biased to like your wedding photography, somehow I always think that your non-wedding work is the real you... =)

    My favorites are the pictures of Chrystel and Fabiola, especially Fabiola-- her smile makes me smile!

  2. Jessica, I think you're right. As much as I love weddings (and I do, they're so joyful and fun, and I love getting to work with people at their happiest) - I feel most like I'm doing what I was made to do when I'm shooting Missions work.

    And I love Fabiola!!! She's the sweetest girl, and she totally makes me smile!

  3. These are so gorgeous. Nice work. I can tell there is passion behind it.

    And thanks for stopping by. Yes, Baby Legs. They are hot:)

  4. Thanks for your so beautiful pics!
    We adopted a little boy at the orphanage in HFC few years ago , and these pics would be so important for him later...could i ask you if i can save it on my computer ?
    We know Fabiola, we e-mail her frequently !

    Annette (France)

  5. Annette, how wonderful that you adopted one of the boys!!

    You are welcome to save the images that are up here onto your computer - just don't print them (they won't turn out well because they're too small :) If you do want some prints, just let me know - I can ship them to France!