Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hope For the Children of Haiti - the boys

So, you've met some of the girls from Hope For The Children of Haiti - now meet a few of the boys...

Mikenlove hanging out on the porch at the Boys' House

stuck inside on a rainy day

oh, forget, let's just go play in the rain! Boys don't mind getting wet and dirty, right?

they sure love football!

I can't get over their view from their football field!

Rejoicing over a goal :) This is back at the orphanage where they were playing football with a plastic bottle. It was rather impressive.

One of the things I love about boys in other cultures... They hold hands with each other! It's precious.

Jefthe looking very serious

studying hard

Richecarde smiling for the camera

and this kid was laughing so hard he fell down :)

The boys were a totally different set of characters than the girls. Much less camera-shy. Some even went out of their way to pose for me - too much even. :)

They were also a really fun group of boys who laugh a lot - which is always a good thing, especially in a place like Haiti!


  1. I love the photo of the two boys holding hands and running. I see that all the time in Ethiopia.

  2. this is my little guy, Monsanto. he is the biological brother of my daughter sarah, who's been home with me for 5 years!

    i'm having all kinds of problems with this adoption, so i LOVE to see every picture of him that i can!

    thank you, Krista!

    ps: you are an AWESOME photographer!!! i love your pictures!

  3. Thanks Kim! That Monsanto is a cutie - and always laughing! I pray your adoption goes through without any further problems!!!

  4. I like the soccer photos because its look interestind to see the boys playing soccer soccer with cleats now not bear feet when i was in haiti and I am happy to see they pictures. Thank you Krista for taking your time to go down there and do all of this thing for them.