Thursday, August 28, 2008

HFC - The School

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I went to Haiti to document the work of Hope For The Children of Haiti. Their Mission is this: Hope for the Children of Haiti is called by God to give Haitian children, particularly orphans, the opportunity to become well rounded adults who are self sufficient in Christ. One of the keys to fulfilling this mission is giving these children a quality education. And so HFC has started a school that teaches not only the orphans who are part of the Pension, but many other local children as well. Here are some images from my time at the school...

When we first arrived at the school that morning, the kids were in the middle of recess, and were playing all over the place. And MAN do the they love the camera!!! I was instantly mobbed! Since I'm supposed to be documenting life at the school, I was getting a little frustrated because this was not a day in the life of the school - this was mob the photographer day :) But, come on, look at how cute they are! Who can stay frustrated for long?

Of course, not all the kids were interested...

Finally, recess was over and everyone went back to class.
This teacher was totally embarrassed that I was taking his picture (in fact, they all were), so I had to crouch outside the door and try to be incognito. Not too easy with my 80-200mm f/2.8 lens on, but it worked somehow :)

The girls taking rigorous notes on the Haitian Revolution

And one of the boys listening attentively

The little ones couldn't concentrate that hard. Nor could they see very well. We happened to show up the week the generator died, and there was no power at all during the day. Many of the classrooms, like this one, didn't have any windows and were almost pitch black. But, school continues...

These poor teachers! Every time I walked by the classroom, the kids went nuts trying to get me to take their picture. Kids were coming out into the hallway, getting out of their seats, and totally freaking out. It was a little funny, but the disciplinarian in me wanted to tell them to go sit back down and listen to their teachers! :)

A teacher going over homework in the light from the hallway since her classroom is windowless.

I love this shot of a teacher going through a book in class. There's something about the way she's holding the book and the pages that is just beautiful to me.

Lots of answering questions on the chalk board

even when there's no light to read your work...

Thankfully, the generator has since been fixed the kids have light to read by again! Lack of power in Port-au-Prince and the cost of running a generator is one of the MANY reasons that HFC needs your support!! If you can, please think or pray about supporting this important ministry, so these kids can get a good education and grow up to be self-sufficient adults that make an impact on the future of Haiti!


  1. These last few posts are awesome. It is so crazy thinking about how you might just be photographing the children that are going to help the country move forward and a better place for their own kids.

  2. Krista, once again, I'm deeply moved; your pictures are so rich in their content, what a story-telling! I'm literally glued to the screen while going through the post, paying attention to every little detail. Your work is awesome. And I absolutely agree, there is something magical about that teacher and the way she is holding a book, absolutely love it!

  3. thank you, guys! I feel so encouraged :)

  4. Ok.... this post is BETTER than the first! AMAZING Krista!

  5. Krista... I am looking your photos again and am completely speechless. Incredible, really and truly.