Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Zimbabwe - A Day at The Rock Church

And now, back to our previously scheduled programming... Stories from Zimbabwe!!

My first Sunday in Zim, we went to The Rock Church outside Bulawayo near where we were staying. The Rock shares a building with many other groups in the community - it serves as a mosque, temple, church, meeting hall, etc. throughout the week.

A little girl listening intently to the message.

Some of the girls after the worship service.

After worshipping at The Rock, Pastor James took us around the community to meet some of the families that the church supports with the help of Forgotten Voices. This woman takes care of her 2 grandchildren, who's parents have died.

this is the only "chair" in her house

This is her granddaughter. She was a bit shy, and couldn't stop laughing at us crazy white people with our big cameras

This is her grandson. He can't go to school because he can't walk. So, he sits here all day. If you click on the image, you can look closely to see how damaged the skin on his knees is from crawling around on the dirt. He was incredibly sweet even though this picture makes him look like he's got quite a bit of attitude!

The kids in front of their home

A neighbor

The next woman we visited was yet another Gogo taking care of her grandchildren.

She thought I was HILARIOUS and could not stop joking with me, laughing at me, posing for me, and just generally being her spunky ol' self. I love her!!

This is her grandson. I think it's pretty hilarious that the most popular TV show in Zimbabwe is big-time Wrestling. Everywhere we went, kids were talking about it, wearing t-shirts, had posters on their walls, or were watching it. How random is that??

He's a handsome kid, huh?

Here the ladies busted out singing and dancing for us

they couldn't do it too long before they started laughing uncontrolably!

After visiting some families, we went to see The State House - otherwise known as Pastor James' new home which will be used as a refuge, meeting place, and temporary home for people in the church. Pastor James has been building this house all by himself - even making his own bricks until Forgotten Voices decided to chip in and pay for the construction and cement blocks. James is very proud of his new home, and can't wait to open it up to the orphans in the community who need a home. He is literally, the nicest man I've ever met - and I am blessed to know him.

The State House under construction

Pastor James (center) with 2 other men from The Rock.

A neighbor who came to visit

The view from The State House

After all of that visiting, we were pretty tired, so we went back to the King's home to rest. Some of us still had plenty of energy to play on the trampoline...

That afternoon, Warren wanted to take us for a drive to see the sunset from the highest point in the area, on his friend's farm. Well, we got a late start, and ended up seeing the sunset from the road. But, it was still beautiful...

That's it for our day at The Rock Church! I've got lots more stories to share, so stay tuned...


  1. that big big sky and that dry dry ground... with dancing grandmothers in between. =)

  2. Amazing images! I'd love to hear all about your trip...Let's catch up soon!