Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Zimbabwe - Day 3, part 1

It's been 2 months since I returned from Zimbabwe! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone - it's just insane what the holidays will do to you... Anyway, I've finished my first round edit of the entire 2-week shoot - and I've narrowed it down from almost 10,000 images to under 7,000. I wish I could share all of the pics with you, but, um, you'd probably get bored after the first 1,000 or so :) So, instead, I'm going to go back and finish telling you about my trip. I'll pick up right where we left off, with Day 3...


On day 3 we headed into Bulawayo to visit the Christian Leadership Resource Center. The CLRC is dedicated to equipping local pastors. They have a library of books & videos, AIDS education resources, computers (sometimes with internet connection), and a staff to assist. They even have a section where the general public can come to get information about AIDS/HIV. It's a partnership of the Theological College of Zimbabwe, and supported in part by Forgotten Voices International. It's an excellent resource for the church leaders in the area.

The Christian Leadership Resource Center

The Library

And this is just the cool address marker out front


After we visited the CLRC, we stopped by the Bretheren In Christ Church offices downtown to visit Bishop Danisa Ndlovu. Ryan calls Danisa his Zimbabwean Father. This man is not only the Bishop of the BIC in Zimbabwe, but he's also a devoted family man with a contagious smile and an awesome sense of humor. It was great to meet him and talk with him a bit about the BIC's ministry throughout Southwest Zimbabwe.

Bishop Danisa Ndlovu

A map in the Bishop's office marking 2 of the BIC missions South of Bulawayo - Matopos & Mtshabezi. We visited the Matopos Secondary School briefly on Day 8, on our way to spend a few days at the Mtshabezi mission. You'll see tons of photos from Mtshabezi in upcoming posts...

This was an incredibly busy day, so check out the rest of the story in the next post...

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