Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on Tristan

Here's the latest update on my nephew, Tristan...

There was no improvement today in his condition. I think when I said in the last post that the Potassium made a "HUGE" difference, I overstated. It did seem to make a difference - I mean, the fact that he smiled and laughed for the first time in days was very encouraging. But, he woke up this morning pretty much the same as the day before. It didn't help that he had to have another blood draw today, and they had to try twice to get it. It was a rather traumatic experience for everyone, and it left him pretty cranky and grumpy. This afternoon, around the same time as yesterday, he woke up and perked up a bit - laughed and smiled at his mommy's drawings, walked and ate a little bit. The doctors & nurses say that the antibiotics may just take another day or so to kick in, and they plan to keep him at the hospital until they do and until he's walking, eating, and acting relatively normal. So, we expect that he'll be there until at least Wednesday.

Please continue to pray that he'd keep getting better, and that he wouldn't be too miserable that he can't come home yet. Pray for Kyla & Michael that they wouldn't be too sad about that too. And pray for Reilly & Caeden who are definitely missing their big brother. And praise God that Tristan's Mimi (my Mom) will be coming into town on Wednesday to help!

I probably won't post an update tomorrow, unless there's news. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support - Kyla & Michael (and I) are so grateful!

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