Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's all worth it!

Do you ever get so stressed over the mounds of work piling up on your desk? Do you ever feel like you'll never get it all done? I do, all the time - especially this summer! My photography business is finally taking off here in Boston, and I've got lots of work (this is a GOOD thing). Plus, I'm still working part-time for Matt & Enna Grazier - so I'm pretty much up to my eyes in work these days.

With all of that going on, it's been easy to get frustrated and feel like I'm not making my clients happy. I want to turn things around so much faster than I can right now! But, yesterday was a great day! Not because I got so much done (though I was fairly productive), but because I heard from 2 of my favorite couples!

Maria & Paul's images were released on Pictage this week, and I got their slideshow finished and up online on Friday. Maria emailed me back with this...

Hi Krista, I have no words to describe how much I love the photos. You captured so many wonderful moments. I can not stop looking at them. Thank you so much for all your beautiful work! It will be so difficult choosing the photos for the book… :)

THEN, I was hanging out with my sister and the kids, and I got a text message from Mark & Courtney who's wedding album was just completed and delivered this week...

Hey K. Got the wedding book, its frekkin amazing! U'r an artist of note! Tks so much Love M & C

Yay!! That's what I live to hear! I LOVE being able to take photos that bring people that much joy! What could be better?? I love my job (busy and all :)!