Friday, August 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

There's a little game going around the world of photography blogs, and I've been tagged by the wonderful Matt & Enna Grazier! (Sorry for taking so long, Matt :) From what I understand, I have to share 8 little known facts about myself, so here goes...

1) I am like the world's pickiest eater! I have crazy issues :) I don't like anything spicy - and I mean that MILD salsa is too spicy for me. I am really particular about texture. There are very few vegetables that I'll eat and almost none of them are green. It's almost easier to tell you what I DO like - I LOVE pizza (and I mean that I can eat it EVERYDAY), fried chicken, mcdonald's cheeseburgers, FRENCH FRIES, quesadillas, reduced-fat wheat thins, and COCA COLA pretty much sums up an average week for me. Ordering a meal at a restaurant is a bit like a scene from When Harry Met Sally (but not the part where she fake's it at the table ;)

2) When I was a kid (age 4-6), my family lived in Nassau, in the Bahamas. So, I grew up on the beach, a tan little blond girl. My favorite memory of our days in the Bahamas - Sunday mornings, picking up a bucket of KFC and taking a boat with all of our friends to a practically private island to spend the day digging in the sand and splashing in the water. Good times, good times.

3) I was a synchronized swimmer for 15 years. I swam for Indy Synchro (formerly known as the Indianapolis Synchronettes) from 1984-1997 (my final year we won 8th place at US Jantzen Nationals), then swam for them as a Master in 1999 (winning a gold medal at the US Masters Championships for duet that year), and I coached for them from 1998 - 2000. Some of the best friends I've ever known are my synchro girls and those years hold some of my favorites memories!

4) 3 of the 4 cars I have owned over the course of my life have been minivans. This can be explained by the fact that I've never actually paid for a car, but have received the wonderful hand-me-downs of my mother and sister. My first car was a 1986 maroon Plymouth Voyager which I drove until it had 220,000 miles on it. My next car was a 1992 white Plymouth Voyager (this one had power windows and locks, ooooooh) and I drove that until it literally died in my sister's driveway and a dump paid us $200 for it (also over 200K). The next car was a 1994 silver Ford Explorer that my sister gave me after she received it from a family in their church and drove it for a few years (another 200K + beauty - which died on my way from Indy to Chicago last year :( And now, I drive a 1999 Pontiac Montana that is a lovely shade of brown. Who knows how long this one will last - but hopefully I won't have to buy my first car for a long long time!

5) When I graduated from Butler University in 1999, I had a degree in French & Psychology. My first job in the real world was working as a Research Technician for the OCD & Autism Clinics at the Psychiatry Clinic at Riley Children's Hospital in Indy. Talk about a crazy year. After that, I got a job in HR/Recruiting for a hedge fund in Chicago. It was only after getting fired from that job that I decided to pursue photography (let's just say I wasn't a good fit for Corporate America)...

6) I have a few mild addictions... Pizza, Coca-Cola Classic, time spent w/ my niece & nephews, music (listen to it, sing it, whatever), LOST, email, and bejeweled (my newest addiction)

7) My family is big into traveling. We have a huge map in my parent's house and we each have different color pins. It's a big competition to see who has the most pins in the map! My pins are yellow, and I've got them in about 24 countries so far - and I'll be adding 2 more when I go to Zimbabwe & South Africa in October!! I'm pretty sure I'm winning the competition, though my sister is a close second. Some of the more exotic/interesting countries on the list: Sri Lanka, India, Albania, Curacao, Belgium, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Bermuda, etc... :)

8) I love my family and I love my friends - they are just about the most important thing in this world to me!! But, as much as I love my family, the most important relationship I have is the one i have with God. I love Him and am loved by Him in ways that I never could imagine. And He loves EVERYONE this way! It's the most amazing and crazy thing I've ever heard, but I am so incredibly grateful for it.

So, that's me in a nutshell! I think I have to tag 8 people now - but most of the people I would tag, have been tagged already. So, I'm going to tag YOU! If you're reading this and you haven't posted 8 things about you on your blog - leave me a comment below and post your 8 things on your own blog! I can't wait to read all about you :)


  1. You like pizza and coke!? I'd never had known this if you hadn't written. jk. Now that you venturing out on your own I'll be able to restock the PEPSI in my fridge:)
    I like how your family travels a lot, very cool. And I'll let you know if any free non-mini van vehicles come our way.
    ~Matt G

  2. Pepsi?! What's wrong with you, Matt? That's just crazy talk!

    I do like the free-car talk though, keep it comin' :)