Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mark & Kirstin's E-Session

A few weeks ago, I met Marc & Kirstin out in Beverly, MA at Lynch Park for their engagement session. It was so great to meet them, especially since they'd booked me over the phone! They were both totally camera shy and had joked about not being "models" like my sample-album couple, Mark & Courtney. Boy were they wrong! These are some of my favorite e-session pics ever!!

Thanks for being such awesome models you guys! I had a blast hanging out with you!!

Here's your slideshow:

p.s. The wedding photos are coming soon... :)


  1. Terrific images...your clients must have been impressed!

  2. Its so fun to see someone else's take at our local favorite - Lynch Park. Refreshing, Really fun work!

  3. Thanks guys!! I love Lynch Park, it's my new favorite too :)

  4. So pretty Krista! I'm so excited for everything you have going on right now!