Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mimi & Papa's Last Visit

Back when my nephew Tristan was sick, my Mom & Dad decided to come out to Boston for a few days to help my sister. By the time they got there, Tristan was feeling much better. They ended up spending most of their time here disinfecting every inch of the house. It was a fun surprise visit for the kids though - and for me too!

This is my Dad with baby Caeden. Caeden's at that SUPER CUTE phase where he likes to make funny faces and watch everyone laugh. Here are 2 of his favorites...

My poor Mom was here less than 2 days before the plague hit her as well. We thought about calling the Center for Disease Control because this crazy bug infected everyone who came in the house (even just last week it got someone new who visited!) - but it was probably just the flu :)

[insert photo of my mom looking sick and miserable - but, um, she won't like that so you'll just have to pretend]

My sister wanted to start making some fun new memories for the kids while my parents were in town, to make up for the sad memories from the hospital. So, first we had a fun bath time blowing bubbles!

That's me blowing bubbles for the babies! (photo courtesy of my wonderful sister, Kyla)

Do you think they liked it???

While Kyla & I were blowing bubbles at bath time, our Dad was making an enormous fort in the kids' bedroom. Here they are, waiting for the big surprise...

The fort was huge, with mattresses on the floor for Tristan, Reilly & my Dad (well, he wasn't about to sleep in the same room with his sick wife!) Dad even set up a little TV & DVD player. They laid on their mattresses, watched Stuart Little 3, and ate Lucky Charms until it was time to go to sleep. It was pretty cute!

Even with Mom getting sick, it was still a fun visit! Poor Dad got sick the day after they returned to Indianapolis. But, everyone's better now - 2 straight weeks of fever & puke-free kids!!


  1. Sounds like you all had a fun time! Cute pics. Love the bath tub shots! Those were always some of my favorites from my kiddos.


  2. So cute. It's totally worth it to print and frame some of these. I love seeing photos of my nieces and nephews when I go visit years later, and there they are little and oh so cute on the wall!

  3. I love series of the 3 photos of the little girl laughing in the bathtub. You captured a moment of pure joy for her. You are very talented and I can definitely see how much you have grown as a photographer in the last year.

    Jessica Powell
    Vogue Visions Photography