Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm on my way to Zimbabwe!

Holy Cow! I'm actually sitting in the airport, getting ready to go! I can't believe it's finally here - I'm finally going to Zimbabwe! I'm so excited, can you tell? There's been so much happening in preparation for this trip, I don't even know where to begin...

First of all, I've got some amazing news! This trip now has a double purpose. First and foremost, I'm going to be documenting the work of Forgotten Voices International in Zimbabwe. We're working on a documentary as well as taking photos for that FVI can use to share their story and raise support. I love what FVI is doing and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it. And if that's not reason enough to be excited about this trip - there's more!

Ryan of FVI met a woman a few weeks ago who has an amazing vision. Lisa's vision is a series of children's books that would tell the stories of children from various countries. Each book would represent one child, one country, one theme (i.e. hope) and would hopefully be used by parents and teachers to encourage, inspire, and teach children about other cultures. Her vision is just amazing and even extends to eventually doing a book on every country in the world! Well, she has decided to do the first book with FVI about a child in Zimbabwe. And, she just happens to need a photographer to supply the art for the book. So, Ryan sent her to me and as it turns out, she loves my work! (*blushing*) So, my second purpose for this trip is to document the story of one child and create the art for the first book!! Lisa wants consistency throughout the series, so I also may have the opportunity to do more of these. That means, I'm really going to get to travel the world and photograph children with amazing stories! It just blows my mind that this is happening! I have been praying for an opportunity like this for FIVE YEARS and now God is providing the way! It's just the most amazing thing EVER! Thank you Lord!!

Well, now I'm REALLY excited - I just got myself all pumped up for this trip! Too bad it'll be another 40 or so hours before I get there :)

I'm going to try to update this blog as often as possible with news from Zimbabwe, so stay posted!!! Thanks so much for going on this journey with me - and for all of the incredible support you all have given me! You all are such a blessing!

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  1. wow how cool is that... sounds link an amazing trip!