Thursday, June 7, 2007

Town Day was wicked awesome!

Ok, even though I'm not actually from Boston, the word "wicked" has worked it's way into my vocabulary - much to the chagrin of my Chicago friends. Sorry guys! :) But, that's exactly what Town Day was last weekend - awesome!

here's my lovely booth (I tried to make it feel as much like home as possible):

And, this is my view of Town Day. I wish I could have walked around and checked out more of the vendors, but duty called...

I was up late every night the week prior, trying to get ready, and my roommates were right there with me being so incredibly helpful. Here they are - aren't they cute (and working hard)? ;)

In the end, I had worried way too much because things went really well. My booth was right next to my church, Hope Christian Church, so I had friendly faces around all day - which is always good. And, I met a ton of people, which is really good! I raffled off a free portrait sitting, which got a lot of people interested, and I've even had a couple people contact me already to book a shoot.

The lucky winner of my raffle is.... Kathy Robinson of Winchester - who, as it turns out, was my sister's neighbor a couple years ago! Crazy small world! I'm totally looking forward to Kathy's shoot, so I hope she calls soon to book the date!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get ready for and pull off Town Day - it was a great day and I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. Hello!
    Very good posting.
    Thank you - Have a good day!!!

  2. aw those pictures are so cute! you did a great job my friend .. youre so talented!