Monday, June 25, 2007

Mexico pics - yeah!

So, I know it took forever, but here are some pics from Mexico!

Here's the view from my VIP suite at the resort. When I checked in, my parents were complaining about getting a room with 2 double beds instead of a king, as were my Aunt & Uncle. So, when I checked in, I was expecting the double beds. BUT, the lady said "Oh, I see here that you are a VIP!" (huh?!) I had a room on the top floor, in the center of the resort, with the best view, and a King-sized bed! All for little ole me! I felt pretty special :) I almost gave up the room for my parents, but then I remembered, that I'll be sleeping on the couch when we have our family vacation in Wisconsin next month, and I figured, it was OK for me to be pampered a little bit...
These pics are from a sunset cruise we took in Cabo - so much fun!! Thanks Dad!!

This seal is sitting on the southern-most point of the Baha Penninsula - how cool is that? He was pretty amazing.

And, this would be me, chillin' on the boat... :)

More pics from the wedding coming soon....

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