Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celeste & Troy's Wedding!

So, Cabo was great - but the real reason I was there, was to photograph (and attend) my cousin, Celeste's wedding. She and Troy are a fun couple, and have a gorgeous little boy named Aiden. It was so awesome getting to be there - the whole weekend was just amazing! I'm so thankful that they made me part of it all!!!

This is Celeste, Troy & Aiden walking around Cabo on our way to our sunset cruise the night before the wedding. Aren't they cute?? :)

Celeste helping Aiden get ready...

Our Aunt Bethie gave Celeste our Great-Grandmother Celesta's ring as her something-old and something-borrowed. This ring was given to Grandma Guenin by Grandpa Guenin like 100 years ago, before they were married. Celeste and I never got to meet Grandma Guenin, but since she's Celeste's namesake and all - it was pretty special.

Celestey looking beautiful...

This was the setting of the ceremony and reception - it was gorgeous!

Little Aiden again - he's just so cute!!

Here's the whole fam!! Well, at least everyone who could come :) We missed the rest of you guys!!

Celeste & Troy enjoying being newlyweds...

It was so fun! And the best part was that after dinner, the hotel was having karaoke night right next to us - so we got to keep having fun, with microphones in our hands :) I'm an admitted karaoke-junkie so I thought it was pretty sweet! No one needs to see those photos though... ;)

Thanks again Celeste & Troy!!! I love you guys!!

<3 kiki

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  1. love it! Aiden IS so cute! those last shots on the beach are gorgeous!