Monday, April 13, 2009

Beth & Steven's Wedding in Newport, RI

Last season I had the chance to second shoot with a bunch of great photographers, but haven't had a chance to share any of the images with you. Until now :)

This event was shot with my dear friend Erica Pelaccia. We drove down to Newport, RI for the beautiful wedding of Beth & Steve at The Officer's Club at the Naval Station Newport. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day...

Beth & Steve got married outside by the water, with the sun getting ready to set behind them. It was a beautiful scene, and definitely a fun challenge to shoot!

After the ceremony and the family portraits, we got to spend a little time with just Beth & Steve and the golden sunset. It was gorgeous!!!

Erica working her magic :)

Their reception ended up being one of the funnest parties EVER! It started with a choreographed first dance...

Then the father-daughter dance

Then the best part was that the band was an 80s cover band!!!!! They even dressed up!!! Oh my gosh, they were SO AWESOME!

At first I was a little worried that the crowd wouldn't be into an 80s band, but I was WRONG! This crowd ate it up!! Everyone from kids to 80 year-old grandparents were gettin' down on the dance floor all night long. It was a AWESOME!!!

Erica, gettin' down with her bad self! I love you, Erica ;)

The party was so fun that we closed the place down! On the way to the car, I saw this and just had to get a shot... Gorgeous!

Thank you Erica for inviting me to come shoot with you! It was lovely as always :) Thank you Beth & Steve for having me at your wedding - it was great to meet you guys and enjoy a night boogying with your friends & family! And thank you Fast Times for the best wedding music ever! You guys ROCK - I've got to make plans to come out for a show in Boston soooon!


  1. Awesome images Krista! LOVE the shoe shot and the sunset silouhette.

  2. Ooooh, love those sunset silhouettes in front of the bridge! Lovely work.