Monday, February 16, 2009

Susan's Maternity Photos - Indianapolis, IN

Those of you who know me, know that I'm completely in love with (um, addicted to?) Facebook. Well, this is one of the reasons. I have found so many old friends in the last few months that I'd completely lost touch with years ago, that it just blows my mind! It is so fun to connect with them again and see what they're up to, and better yet, get to actually see them live and in person again! Susan is one of those friends. We were roommates my senior year at Butler, and we lost touch sometime after I moved to Chicago. We recently found each other on Facebook and I was surprised and excited to see that she's married the love of her life, and was pregnant with her THIRD child! woah! So, when I was in Indianapolis last, we got together for a maternity portrait session, and about 6 hours of much-needed catch-up time! It was wonderful!!

Now on to the part you all really care about, the photos ;)

Sue was always beautiful, but there's something about being pregnant that makes a woman radiant!


I love the belly!!

Haha! I must be hilarious ;) Actually, no, she's the hilarious one... I think she's laughing at her own impression of a model here.

Using a little of that natural light

See what I mean? Gorgeous!!

Susan's 2 little boys wanted in on the fun, and desperately wanted to see what Mommy was looking at out the window...

So, we thought we'd add them into the shoot! This is Sam, he's adorable.

And this is Jack, he's rather hilarious.

and also adorable.

You can tell these boys love their Mommy!

Sue - it was SO fabulous to see you and meet your lovely family! I'm glad we got to spend some time together and catch up after all these years. It's so great to know that we'll be able to stay in touch pretty much forever now, thanks to modern technology ;) Congratulations on the birth of baby Lily! I can't wait to meet her next time I'm home!!! LOVE YOU!!

Oh, and for those of you on Facebook - you can become a Fan of Krista Photography here. If we actually know each other - add me as a friend already! If we've never met, introduce yourself and maybe we'll become friends :) I won't add anyone I don't know since I actually use FB to post family photos and such, but I am always happy to make new friends in real life!!


  1. Nice work dude! or rather dudette :) Really enjoy looking at this set, those boys are adorable!

  2. dudette? haha! I guess Tony is quick on comments, I wanted to say that I love this session! Krista, you rock! And Facebook is really such a powerful tool!


  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. How fun to get to catch up with a friend and document such an amazing event!

  4. I <3 the hands that make the <3!