Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Switching Servers

Hi there! Sorry for the long delay since my last post!! Life's been busy :) I'm in the process of switching my website onto a new server - yay! But, this may cause some interruption in my ability to send & receive emails. If you send an email and don't hear back from me within a few hours - try emailing me at kristaphoto@mac.com. I'll keep you posted, and when the transition is finished - the new website will be LIVE!! Woo HOO!!!!

And just because posts without pics are boring - here's a shot of my office manager, Ozzy...

haha, I'm so hilarious ;)


  1. I saw that your site was up...it looks great! Congratulations!

  2. yay for kristaphoto!

    ozzy's head looks... large, relative to his body. =P

  3. He's formidable looking! My office manager, Esperanza del Gato, needs to take lessons from him!

  4. All this time I was feeling sorry for you because you don't have someone doing all the behind the scenes office work for you.... He looks a lot more ambitious than Emmett.. if Emmett has a job title it's something like "client seating warmer" or "surprise allergy inducer".

  5. Yeah, but he's a bit of a dope, bless his heart :)

    And yes, Jessica, his head is awfully big for his skinny little body. But his partner in crime, Harriett makes up for it with a tiny head on a fat body... What a pair they make ;)