Thursday, April 17, 2008

Abigail Marie

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend Diana gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Abigail Marie! Abigail is SO adorable - she came out perfect :) Diana and her husband Jonathan are first time parents and it's so fun to see them on this exciting new adventure. I had the chance to visit them this week and take some portraits of the new baby and the new mommy. Check them out...

Diana is going to be such an awesome Mom!

Abigail was one tired little girl!

Sweet Princess :)

Look at that precious little profile!!

She's just sooo cute!

Congratulations once again Diana & Jonathan! And welcome to the world little Abigail - you are in very good hands :)


  1. aaaahhhh she's so cute!! cute overload.

  2. These turned out really well...I especially like the profile picture!