Monday, December 31, 2007

Sarah & Allie

Right after Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to photograph Sarah & Allie. Sarah & Allie are sisters, and their Dad leads worship and is an elder at my church. His wife thought it would be a great surprise to have photos of the girls taken for him for Christmas. So, they came over to my place on "Black Friday" and we had some fun! Since it was a surprise, I couldn't share them with you until after Christmas, but now that the cat's out of the bag - check 'em out!!

Sarah & Allie laughing it up in the warm glow of the sunset. The sunlight was warm, but the air outside was COLD - they were such good sports!!

A slighty more vintage version of the same scene

and cross-processed...

Allie in the sun

And Sarah

Eventually, we had to put jackets back on to keep them from freezing. Here's a couple shots against the back of my house.

Sarah joked about climbing the tree in my back yard, and I wasn't about to let her get away without actually doing it! Allie got up there too, and the shots ended up being some of my favorites from the day! (don't you just love that barn next door in the background?!)

Finally, their noses were getting all red and my fingers were getting numb, so we headed inside. I don't have a studio in my apartment, but I do have some awesome wallpaper in the hallway - so that's where we shot :)

And for the last shots of the day, we headed to the kitchen. See, Allie & Sarah are AMAZING cooks - or bakers, rather. So, my original idea was to get them cooking in their kitchen. Since it was a surprise for Dad, and he was at the house, we made do with looking at cookbooks in my kitchen instead. My kitchen is small, but right at sunset, it has the most beautiful light!

All in all, it was a really fun shoot! Thanks Sarah & Allie for being such good sports and for making my job so easy :) I hope your Dad loved his Christmas present!!


  1. They're so cute - I love that last shot of them looking at the book together!


  2. aww i love the tree one and the cookbook one too =)