Monday, December 3, 2007

A Day at the Fells

A few weeks ago, I photographed a family from my church. This family is awesome and so unique! Doug & Neilani have an amazing capacity to love. They recently had a baby, Ezekiel who they call Zeke (isn't that a great name?). But, they also have 3 teenage boys who they adopted from Haiti! This is one of the most diverse families I've ever photographed, or known for that matter. It's just so awesome to see how they have opened their homes and hearts in obedience to God and have built a wonderful family in the process.

So, Neilani & Doug had me come along as they took the boys for a walk in the Fells near their home. It was a great Fall day - sunny & warm - and the woods were a great backdrop for our shoot. Check it out...

Here's baby Zeke laughing as we tromp through the woods.

Here are the older boys, heading through the trees...

...and coming out at the pond where we planned to shoot.

And posing for the camera

It was really cool to see these 3 big teenage boys hanging out and playing with their little brother. They're totally sweet with him - and don't they make a handsome bunch?

Neilani & Zeke hanging out by the pond

Doug & Zeke back at the house

This is Sheku. He was totally camera shy and did not want his picture taken! But he loosened up after a while :)

This is Paul. Totally cute and very comfortable smiling for the camera!

And then there's Ephesien. This guy was like a professional model - he just kept posing for me. It was great!

He even took me over to the soccer field by their house for some shots of him in his element...

It was a great afternoon hanging out with you guys! Thanks so much for trusting me with your memories!


  1. Beautiful photos - really nice job. It was awesome spending time with you this last week - keep up the good work and keep on leaping and trusting that the net will appear- you can do it!! xo

  2. That family reminds me of Steven Curtis Chapman's family with three girls adopted from China! I think adoptive parents often learn a lot about God's heart for us, his adopted children. =) BBC sounds intense, good luck with setting the foundation of your business, I'll help by um, providing some income ;-)