Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zimbabwe... where to begin?

I've been trying to blog about this trip for days now. I just have no idea where to begin! I guess I'll just start at the beginning...

I left for Zimbabwe on Tuesday, October 23rd. I flew first to JFK in New York to meet up with my friend Adam. First of all, let me just say that I do NOT like the JFK airport! Hello? Signs would be helpful for directing passengers to other terminals & such! Geez! Anyway, I made it to the flight just fine, and got to catch up with Adam a bit before the flight. He graciously gave me the window seat and we set off on our 18.5 hour flight!

Thanks to my old friend, Benadryl, I slept almost half the trip. And the rest of it was spent chatting with Adam, and a couple of ladies across the aisle, watching Harry Potter 5, and playing MahJong on the interactive screen above my tray table. South African Airlines rocks!! I was so entertained, I didn't open up my laptop or a book once :)

When we arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa, we had about a 16 hour lay over. Ryan's friends, Steve & Michelle Lockwood are missionaries in Jo-burg and they picked us up at the airport and took us back to their house. It was so great meeting them, and their 3 adorable kids. They gave us dinner, comfy beds, and warm showers - it was wonderful! They also shared with us quite a bit about their experiences in Zimbabwe - they had lived there for quite a few years before moving to South Africa. It was great to hear their perspective and their stories. By the time Steve took us to the airport the next morning, they seemed like old friends. I just wish I hadn't been too tired to take more pictures! Thank you so much Steve & Michelle for your hospitality! That overnight stay made all the difference in adjusting to Zimbabwe time.

And that was day 1...

up next, day 2...

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