Friday, September 28, 2007

Get Drenched

This summer Genesis held our first baptism service! Ten young men and women went into the waters to publicly declare their desire to follow Jesus. It was amazing to hear their testimonies and see how their lives have been changed by knowing God. I had the privilege of photographing the event...

My friend Jenn is so joyful and excited about what God is doing in her life! My brother-in-law, Michael is our Pastor and had the pleasure of taking each of the 10 through the waters.

Evan (center) and Jay (left) went into the water together and were both baptized that day.

Kayleen (center) and Danielle (left) also shared the experience with one another. I just love the look on Kayleen's face as she's coming out of the water!

Congratulations to each of you!!
Check out the slideshow below to see the rest :)


  1. I (Diana) really enjoyed these photos...the pictures paired up with the song in the slideshow got me really excited...thank you for using your gifts to serve the body of Christ!

  2. I peeked at these images on my blog reader but forgot to come back to the site to post a comment - these are so moving and joyful! I especially love the one of Kayleen coming out of the water.... I want to see some of these in black and white...