Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Wow! I have been so delinquent! Life has just been CRAZY and I just haven't been able to keep up! But no worries, I'm back :)

The good thing is that I got to spend a little time on vacation with my parents, sister & her family. I flew home to Indianapolis and spent about a little over a week hanging out with the fam. We were supposed to go with whole Guenin family up to Wisconsin for a big family weekend, but we didn't get to go. My poor brother-in-law, Michael (pastor of an amazing ministry I'm involved in, Genesis) was incredibly sick even before he flew to Indy. And when he got to Indy, it just got worse. He ended up in the hospital with viral pneumonia and all sorts of pain radiating from his lung. So, we all decided to stay behind and take care of the kids while my sister stayed with Michael at the hospital. The poor guy spent his entire vacation in bed, in pain. Please pray for him and Kyla as he's still experiencing a LOT of pain and now all 3 of the kids are sick too!

In spite of all the drama, we still managed to have LOTS of FUN! My oldest nephew, Tristan, turned 4 years old while we were home, so there was plenty of celebrating!

Here's Tristan blowing out the breakfast candles (not in cake so much as in a donut, but he loved it :)

One of Tristan's favorite parts of the trip was his first (of many) ride on the Sea-Doo with Papa Pat!

We also spent a lot of time taking the boat to "the swimmin' hole"

This is Mimi (my mom) with baby Caeden, looking oh so comfy in his life vest...

Here's my niece, Reilly Nichole, playing on the beach. She's so fun!

And here are a couple pics courtesy of my sister, Kyla. The first is baby Caeden looking as cute as possible. And the 2nd is me and Caeden playing peek-a-boo on the boat :)

Mom & Dad also took us to this great new water park by their house. I'm so bummed it wasn't around when I was a kid! It was a blast! Tristan LOVED it!!!!

Just a couple more cute pics of my sweet little babies...

And here's my sister w/ Caeden :)

So, it wasn't the best vacation we've ever had - that would require my brother-in-law being able to stay out of bed for more than an hour :) And, it wasn't the most restful or relaxing, but it definitely was FUN!!!! Thanks Mom & Dad for a great trip!! I Love You!!!!

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