Thursday, September 4, 2008

Portraits for Mimi

That's my Mom - or Mimi as her grandkids call her. She's pretty great. She owns her own business and has worked her butt off for as long as I can remember (except those 2 years when I was a kid and we lived in the Bahamas - when she played Bridge and sat by the pool with me all day, but whatever ;). The older I get, the more I realize that I am so much like her - or is it that I'm just becoming more like her? Either way, it's both a little scary and comforting at the same time :)

My Mom needed some new photos of herself and her employees for work - and hopefully for a website someday... Mom works in the glamorous world of nursing home consulting, and that market hasn't really gotten too techy just yet ;) Since she's the most wonderful Mom, she hired her daughter to take the photos. And since she's the most wonderful boss, she offered all of her employees the opportunity to get some family portraits done as well! So, when I was in Indianapolis earlier this summer, we headed down to Greenwood (the town I was born in) to spend some time with the women of Herrin Associates, and their families...

First up, my Mom, Shelia. She doesn't really like having her picture taken (kinda like me), but has started getting used to it over the past 6 or 7 years. Do you think I look like her?

Next up was Beth :)

and Beth's husband and 4 grandchildren

The kids weren't too excited about the whole thing, but they put up with me, and we managed to get some great shots of them!

I love these...

And then there's Kathy! Kathy's family wasn't able to come for photos, so we just stuck to business... least mostly. I got her laughing quite a bit when I was asking her about whether or not my Mom's a good boss :)

And last but not least was Nancy. Nancy has worked for my Mom for like 20 years, and is such a great lady!

She brought a bunch of her family with her and we got a ton of portraits of them - starting with her son and his adorable daughter...

Then we shot Nancy and her husband with their grandson, Garrett.

Then it was just Nancy & Ernie. They're pretty cute!

While we waited for Nancy's daughter to get off work, my Mom & I took Garrett across the street for some ice cream from this little walk-up place, called Mrs. Curl. It's so small-town Indiana, I love it! (I loved the ice cream too!)

Last up was Brittany and Garrett.

He's a cutie!

I swear I'm good with kids! Really! I think Garrett was just squinting, not snarling!

Brittany arrived just as the sun dropped down to the perfect spot, so we got some beautiful, warm light to play with...

And I'm fairly certain that this was Garrett's favorite part (next to the ice cream, of course).

It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks Mom for letting me take your picture :) And for being such a great role model for this business-owning daughter of yours. I'm amazed by all that you've done, and all that you're doing - and I'm super proud of you! I love you so much!!! S.W.A.K. ;)


  1. These are really fun! Yes you do resemble your mom a bit, and so does your sister. I met her tonight at our friend Jen's house. We talked about IN and marveled at what a small world it is. She is so great. What gorgeous children too!

  2. Krista!!!! These are fabulous...GREAT job! I love the last set of photos w/mom and her son running toward you. e.